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1 Cable, charge all your electronic devices!

1 Cable, charge all your electronic devices!

Mobile phones, headphones, Gopro... The wires of each electronic device are different, and it is enough to take a bunch of wires when you go out.

But the most troublesome thing is not the cable, but when looking for the charging cable.

Which cable is for the earphone? Which one is for the mobile phone? Which is the line of gopro? Ah...... Crazy, crazy!
Have you ever thought about "unlocking" this messy threads?

Today, Renibox brings you this 6-in-1 data cable which will help you stop the mess.

It is only weighs only 27G (the weight is about the same as that of a shorter skewer key), but super practical!

6 charging methods.

Almost meet the charging needs of most electronic devices. It's can't be too convenient!
Let me show you how to make good use of it one by one.

1: USB-Type-C

2. USB-Lightning




6. TypeC-MicroUSB

Wear-resistant zinc-aluminum alloy shell is used at both ends of the data cable. The two-layer design is adopted in the middle. The inner layer is wrapped with soft TPU material to wrap the internal wire, and the outer layer is also wrapped with a layer of nylon braiding thread to protect the internal copper wire.

These materials not only protect the data cable itself, but also look great.

Easy to use.

The 270 ° wide angle opening and closing slide rail is used at the joint and joint. It is very convenient to pull, rotate, and then plug in, and it does not hinder the use at all.

Smooth and Fast

Extremely potable

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