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Light Pong - The 1-Dimensional Game Console

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  • This one-dimensional game console is the new darling of all kinds of parties in 2021.
  • Light Pong is gaming as you've never seen it before. We have created the world's first 1-dimensional game console - the most epic new addition to your Saturday night.

  • It is a test of the synergy between the eyes. Brain. And fingers. If you are a person with extremely fast reactions. I don't think you will lose the game.

Light Pong Can Play Lots of Games

  • Light Pong's games are programmed on a single line. Which is why we call it a 1D console. Light Pong is the console for easy-to-play games that still involve mastery.

There are many ways to play

  • 🎮GAME 1: Return the ball of light to the other player before it reaches your end. or face the ultimate humiliation of losing. Sounds simple. Right? Actually. it's harder than you think. Timing is everything - press your button too early or too late.
  • 🎮GAME 2 : The tube is split down the middle into two sides. Each with its own color. Click as fast as you can dominate the entire tube with your color. The faster you smash the button. The further your color will go.
  • 🎮GAME 3 : Charge up the ball of light and hit the target. Miss the target. Lose a life. Miss three shots. And it's game over.The higher the level. The more slippery the charge rate. So don't be surprised if you choke on level two!
  • 🎮GAME 4 : Stop the fast-moving light within the target section. Trust us - it's way harder than it looks. And it looks hard. So good luck.
  • 🎮GEME 5 : Jump over the hurdles and win the world record

Companion App 

Light Pong was designed to be simple of course, but we still wanted to create something dynamic and open to customization. Enter the Companion App.

Not only will the app allow you to play other games, it will also let you customize Light Pong in creative ways such as choosing the light colors, or switching to ambient mode.

Compatible with Android and iOS, the Companion App is also high in utility. Here are a few features that the companion app will have:

  • View and download games on the Light Pong marketplace
  • Load the new games on to your Light Pong wirelessly
  • Customize the ambient mode with different patterns/visualizations
  • Adjust brightness for indoor/outdoor play
  • Mute/Unmute sound
  • Connect multiple Light Pongs together for multiplayer modes (stretch goal!)


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Light Pong - The 1-Dimensional Game Console
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