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Air Muzzle For Cat Grooming
Air Muzzle For Cat Grooming
Air Muzzle For Cat Grooming
Air Muzzle For Cat Grooming

    Air Muzzle For Cat Grooming

    $33.99 $67.99
      Having a peaceful and relaxed pet cat is a blessing. Don't believe us? Go and ask your fellow cat owners who have anxious and furious pet cats.If you are one of those whose cats are mostly relaxed, then consider yourself among the lucky ones. But this luck doesn't always stay around, especially when you are about to groom your feline.The moment you put her in your lap to cut down her long nails, she starts purring before she finally tries to bite you or flips from your hands and runs away. For such instances, we have the perfect remedy.Get your hands on this air muzzle for cats. Put your cat's head inside this breathable muzzle while you bathe her or trim down her nails.What you'll get:Comfortable design: The air muzzle is comfortable to wear. With breathing holes made in the hood, your cat will feel ease in breathing even with her face inside the muzzle. In addition, it is light in weight, making it convenient to wear for a longer duration so that you can do the chores easily.Keeps the cat calm: The transparent design of the muzzle makes the grooming task calm and peaceful for the cat.Multiple uses: Prevent yourself from getting bit by your furry friends by making them wear these round muzzles. It is not just safe for you, but this can also prevent felines from licking themselves after surgery or any medical treatment.   Easy to wear and fix: This headgear opens up in half, and you can easily place your cat's face in it and then close it. Use the tightening strap to fix the tightness so that the cat doesn't feel too confined in it.
      • Material: PP
      • Transparent color
      • Anti-bite muzzle
      • Best to use while grooming cats
      • Breathable design
      • Adjustable velcro

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