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Black Light LED Strip
Black Light LED Strip
Black Light LED Strip
Black Light LED Strip
Black Light LED Strip

    Black Light LED Strip

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      Create a WOW factor in your room without buying expensive furniture, placing decorative wall hangings or laying a rug.It¡¯s as easy as attaching these black light led strips at different parts of the room ¨C may be behind the bed or along with the ceiling or even behind the dressing mirror. Create a magical and calming aura in your bedroom, living room or kitchen. There is so much to these thin light strips!What you¡¯ll get:Efficient 150 units of UV LEDs: The LEDs on the strip are neither too bright nor too weak. They are great to be used as a night light in your bedroom or as a studio light to shoot videos. You can even use them for glow parties and fluorescent body paint.Easy adhesive connection: Another benefit of these lights is the easy installation. No need for drilling; simply remove the cover from the adhesive tape and paste it on the surface.Protection from mites: Mites in the room can cause allergies and is harmful to asthma patients. These UV light strips will help you to keep them away.Appealing decoration in the room: The top use of this black light led strip is to decorate your room. They can go behind your bed, at the edges of your TV, along with the ceiling,? inside the wardrobe or the shoe cabinet or around the bathroom vanity mirror.No harm to the body: The UV rays used in the strips have a wavelength of 385-400 nm which is not harmful to the human body.Convenient cutting marks: There are cutting marks on the strips so you can use only the length that you need and store the other. In the future, you can use it to attach another strip.
      • Color of light: Purple
      • Life: 50,000 hours approx.
      • Wavelength: 385-400 nm
      • Adhesive tape for easy installation
      • Use for decorative purposes
      • Or as a night light
      • Length: 5m

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