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Cable Ankle Strap For Cable Machines

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Don¡¯t you want that attractive round booty every fitness and Hollywood actress flaunts?And what about those appealing curvy legs that scream nothing but elegance? Legwear seems to feel blessed when don by these ladies.But, it requires hard work ¨C months of sweaty leg exercises and hip workouts. And what do you need for that? Yes, this cable ankle strap. How else are you going to do all the kickbacks and hamstring curls?Get ready to shape up and bestow your leggings, skirts, pants and jeggings with such upbeat sexiness that people can¡¯t stop complimenting you. It¡¯s time to act. What you¡¯ll get:Ankle strap for your leg workout: Use this strap during your leg and hip day to do exercises such as cable hip abduction, kickbacks, side leg squats, hamstring curls and more. It ensures that your angle of movement is accurate and painless.Comfortable training: The soft inner padding allows you to do glute and thigh workouts comfortably. The sweat doesn¡¯t collect in the strap as it flows out through the breathable padding.Ease of use: This cable kickback ankle strap easily attaches to all the gym cable systems, workout equipment and home gym. Use this attachment for upper body exercises as well. 
  • Material: SBR
  • Ankle straps for thigh, hip, glute exercises
  • Ease of use; attaches to machines easily
  • Secure, adjustable velcro bands
  • Package includes only one ankle strap for cable


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Cable Ankle Strap For Cable Machines
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