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Creative Folding Heat Insulation Pad
Creative Folding Heat Insulation Pad
Creative Folding Heat Insulation Pad
Creative Folding Heat Insulation Pad
Creative Folding Heat Insulation Pad

    Creative Folding Heat Insulation Pad

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      If there are burn marks on your countertops or burnt tablecloths, you might as well have a look at this folding heat insulation pad.Because it will make sure you don¡¯t have those eyesores in the future.This ABS pad will serve as a heat-resistant platform for your hot, steaming pots and pans when you need to move them from the burner to another location. ?Place your hot-off-the-oven soup pot on the dining table. ?Place your freshly stewed beef on the coffee table. ?Or have the hot curry pan on your classy countertop. You don¡¯t have to worry about scalding your tablecloths or burning your countertops now.It¡¯s foldable, it¡¯s compact, it¡¯s got an appealing design and it¡¯s a straight-up cool kitchen gadget you would definitely wanna own.??What you¡¯ll get:Protects surfaces from burn marks: Thanks to the thickened cushion support of the folding heat insulation pad, it forms a good bit of gap between the surface and the pot, thus minimizing any chances of the pot touching the surface. Also, it¡¯s made of temperature-resistant ABS, which can endure temperatures up to 230 degrees.Non-stick & non-slip configuration: The hollowed-out bottom ensures that the pad remains with the surface and doesn¡¯t slip. Also, unlike heating pads that tend to stick with the hot pot and cup surfaces when you pick them up, this will remain intact with the surface of the countertop or table.Requires no storage space: The highlight of this collapsible insulation pad is its foldable design. Spread it when you need to put your hot cooking pots, cups and saucepans on it and fold it for easy, compact storage after use.
      • Made of ABS + PP
      • High temperature resistance: Up to 230 degrees
      • Diameter: 19 cm approx.
      • Collapsible design for space-saving storage
      • Use as a cup coaster or a hot pot holder

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