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Drop Cherry Earrings With Gold Stems

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Are you a dessert lover or know someone who is? Do you like to be ¡°uncategorized¡± in your fashion sense? If you blurted out ¡°Yes¡±, these drop cherry earrings are for you. Emulating the exact structure of a cherry on the stem, they will light up your outfit like nothing else. They can even make light single-colored tops lively.What you¡¯ll get:Zinc alloy built: This makes them lightweight and rugged at the same time.Lively fashion accessory: The color of these cherry dangle earrings is so rich that it can rejuvenate your overall aesthetics. Identifiable from a distance, they can easily pull other people¡¯s attention at a party.Secure earrings: The stem comes out of the cherry but that doesn¡¯t mean that it is not secure. Move around confidently without worrying that the earrings will fall.Excellent gift choice: Spread smiles to your loved one¡¯s face by surprising them with these drop cherry earrings for their birthday, anniversary, or Christmas.How to wear:Separate the stem from the cherry and insert it through the pierced holes of your ears.Keep the horizontal part of the stem facing outwards.Now put the stem back into the cherry.
  • Made of Zinc alloy
  • Earrings type: Drop
  • Available in 2 colors


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Drop Cherry Earrings With Gold Stems
Red Cherry - $11.99
  • Red Cherry - $11.99
  • Black Cherry - $11.99

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