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Eco Collapsible/Foldable Coffee Cup

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Travel anywhere, anytime without worrying about spilling your coffee or tea with this Eco-Friendly Collapsible Coffee Cup. If you want to carry a cup in your bag but it is too large to fit inside the pocket or you are fed up with carrying an empty cup while traveling in bus, you need this right now. It can be collapsed to 6 cm and easily stored in a pocket or bag.


  • Collapsible coffee mug: Have your favorite drink alongside you anywhere. Once the beverage is consumed, simply collapse the cup.
  • Capacity: 350ml/11.8 fl oz
  • Size: 14cm(uncollapsed), 6cm (collapsed)
  • Eco-friendly & safe: 100% BPA Free food-grade material. The collapsing cup is fabricated with recyclable silicone material. No more throwing of cups after every drink. (58 billion cups are thrown away annually)
  • Compact size: A perfect collapsible travel cup that can be folded to a height of 6 cm. Perfect to be carried in a travel backpack.
  • Temperature range: The cup is foldable and can withstand a max temperature of 392oF (200oC). Can survive the temp of a microwave and the fridge.
  • Colors: Available in Blue, Lilac, Matcha Green, Grey, Baby Blue and Pink, the collapsible coffee cup is sure to satisfy each person color choice.


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Eco Collapsible/Foldable Coffee Cup
Blue - $13.99
  • Blue - $13.99
  • Gray - $13.99
  • Matcha Green - $13.99
  • Lilac - $13.99
  • Light Blue - $13.99
  • Pink - $13.99

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