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Fish Holder Gripper Tool

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You got a fishing rod, some hooks, bait, bucket, gloves, and there you have it; your complete gear for a successful fishing session.Right? Wrong!Wondering what¡¯s missing? A fish holder tool. What is that even? Above all, why would a pro fisherman like you would need it? Well, It¡¯s more like a fish grabber that clamps the lip of the fish you caught.And, you need it to save your hands from any unexpected attacks from the fish while trying to remove the hook from the mouth.And, the best part, these fish holders ensure your caught trophy won¡¯t escape!What you¡¯ll get:Fish holder tool: This fish mouth holder provides a strong clasping grip so that you won¡¯t lose it back to the ocean no matter how giant your catch is.Non-skid grip: Our fish lip gripper has a non-slip handle that you can hold with one hand while removing the hooks with your second hand.Safe fishing: Imagine if you caught a big one, but all you got now is prayers to remove the hook from its mouth safely. Instead, these fish gripper pliers give a secure hold on the giant creature and keep your hands away from its mouth.Longevity: The premium stainless steel is rust-proof that will allow it to be as new as ever.
  • Material: Stainless Steel + EVA Grip
  • Non-slip handle
  • Comfortable use
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Locking jaw gripper
  • No fish escaping anymore
  • Suitable for one-hand operation
  • Keep your hands safe from fish’s toothy patches


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Fish Holder Gripper Tool
Type1 - $11.99
  • Type1 - $11.99

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