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Indoor Rechargeable Hover Soccer Ball For Kids

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Does rainy days limit your kids indoor and they make a huge mess playing with different objects? We know that¡¯s stressful so why not welcome a plastic toy in your life that will handle such situations tactfully? This Rechargeable Hover Soccer Ball glides on the floor and makes any room a soccer or hockey field. Dedicate a space of the house (garage, library, entryway) where your kids can play and let them have fun with it for hours.What you¡¯ll get:Fun indoor playtime for kids: Instead of fighting with each other, drawing stuff on the walls or throwing dirty balls at the wall, engage your kids in this sport. They will have to turn on the hover soccer ball and it will sail on a cushion of air. They can make their own games to play with it, be it passing each other, scoring goals or see who misses it first. Harmless sport: The ball is protected by a foam bumper that prevents it from fracture while hitting or falling. Also, it protects your walls and the feet of the kids.USB rechargeability: Another advantage of the hovering soccer ball toy is the onboard battery that can be charged simply by a USB cable. No need to insert batteries. High usability: It can be used on hardwood and tile floors with great effect. On carpets, it wouldn¡¯t function with a similar effect but it works fine on low-pile carpets. LED illumination: How can a toy meant for kids or toddlers not have lights in it. It includes blue, green, red LEDs that enhance the fun even more. They can even play with it at night in total darkness.A birthday gift for kids: Your kids will love to receive this product as a gift on their birthday. Even you can play with them with this toy. The air soccer ball is made of plastic and has a diameter of 18cm.
  • Made of plastic with rubber bumper
  • Coasts on any smooth surface when turned on
  • LEDs present; can be played with at night
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Fracture & fall resistant
  • Great indoor fun toy
  • Diameter: 18 cm


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Indoor Rechargeable Hover Soccer Ball For Kids
Type1 - $21.99
  • Type1 - $21.99

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