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Non Stick Heat Resistant Long Red Silicone Spoon

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There's a spoon for everything!Eating, mixing, measurement, serving, stirring, cooking ¨C ah, so much to learn. And, we haven't even touched the type of spoons there are for every kind of food!There goes your bank balance to the mountains to get every possible spoon you know. But, of course, you had to do it for the sake of a food enthusiast in you.Like how can you not have the basic utensil, right? But, who said you have to spend tons for that? Yes! And, we aren't even tooting our horn when we say our silicone spoon is enough for all the above things!The long handle lets you stir with ease, the large bowl area is enough for eating any food, the nonstick build is perfect for cooking, and the cute minimalistic design makes it ideal for serving.What you'll get:One utensil for all: Cooking, mixing, baking, stirring, serving, eating, you name it, and our baby silicone spoon is literally perfect for it.No harmful cutlery anymore: Plastic spoons melt into your long stirring sauce-making session, the steel one scratches your precious nonstick coating, and your lovely wooden spoon sucks so much food in its cracks that there's hardly any left for your tummy :p. Forget every kitchen disaster, because this best silicone spoon won't melt, crack, or absorb any bad smell from the ingredients.Fancy tableware: Inviting friends over for a cool munching time? Get this silicone eating spoon in bulk. Don't worry. It's ideal for snaking on all your comfort foods like pasta, salad, soup, curry, etc.How to clean silicone spoons?You can soak the cooking silicone spoon in distilled vinegar or soapy water solution for 30 minutes, then pat dry afterward. Moreover, you can also pour a little rubbing alcohol to gently remove the greasy stains, but remember to rinse it well.
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and odorless
  • Oven and dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for non-stick pans
  • Temperature resistance: -40°C-230°C
  • Length: 28 cm approx.


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Non Stick Heat Resistant Long Red Silicone Spoon
Type1 - $13.99
  • Type1 - $13.99

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