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Pocket staff - Expandable/Extendable Martial Arts Magic Metal Staff

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Learning martial arts is great but what if you don¡¯t have the time to go to a physical class??Easy; learn it from online sessions but how do you get the hang of it without an expensive metallic bo staff?Simple. You opt for the inexpensive yet effective version of it.Expandable Magic Metal Staff is an effective tool for learning martial arts and developing self-defense capabilities. Its futuristic design allows it to extend from 2"(5cm) to 5'(120cm) in seconds. Use its retractable and expandable form to unleash the metal pocket staff in case of danger. This rod is not a weapon of any kind; it¡¯s only meant for entertainment and training purposes.Features:Stainless steel build: The Expandable Magic Pocket Metal Staff is crafted of high-grade stainless steel, can be used for martial arts, and is sufficient for learning self-defense.Lightweight and telescopic portability: Collapsible at its 2"(5cm) closed length.One-touch system: Simply press the bottom button to unlock the extendable wand, pointing it away from your face to ensure a safe release.Aerodynamic shape: Pocket Staff can be spun at unbelievable speeds due to its unique micro-concave shape. It cuts the surrounding air to increase rotation speed by over 30%!Easily retractable: It is easily retracted into its compact shape by twisting and pushing it down, then locking it with the top pin.Use safely: Please do not use the extendable metal staff to intentionally harm others. It is a performance staff to be used for Martial Arts and training! Practice safety when popping it open and while holding.
  • Use for learning self-defense
  • Aerodynamic shape, collapsible & retractable
  • Extends from 2 inches ¨C 5 feet in seconds
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Comes in only silver color
  • One-touch system


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Pocket staff - Expandable/Extendable Martial Arts Magic Metal Staff
Type1 - $25.99
  • Type1 - $25.99

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