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Polyester Beard Bonnet For Men

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Here is a reason your wife or girlfriend wears head wraps to bed after conditioning their hair? They keep the moisture retained, the solvent locked in their hair follicles and prevents staining of pillowcases. That¡¯s exactly what this beard bonnet will do for your beard.Did you know two of the reasons for split ends of your beard hair are rubbing during the night and being covered with dust when you go out? Prevent this from happening by covering your beard with this beard wrap.What you¡¯ll get:Soft polyester material: The polyester interior prevents the beard hair from rubbing and frizzing against the pillow while you turn sides during sleep. This reduces the chances of breakage and split ends and ensures healthy beard care.?Speeds up your conditioning effect: One of the reasons why you are not getting maximum results from the beard conditioning you may be doing is that the liquid doesn¡¯t stay in your beard that long. This beard wrap for sleeping ensures that the solvent remains in your beard the whole night instead of the pillowcase. It locks up the moisture as well.?Beard bonnet benefits:?It prevents the food from staining your beard while you are eating or cooking. And minimizes the chances of dust particles getting stuck in it when you go out. Moreover, if you condition your beard hair before sleeping, this wrap also ensures that the solvent remains in them for long enough to be beneficial.
  • Material: Polyester
  • Washable fabric
  • Retains beard oil in your beard while sleeping
  • Prevents food from staining your beard
  • Protects beard from dust & chemicals
  • Ensures a good beard growth


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Polyester Beard Bonnet For Men
Type1 - $13.99
  • Type1 - $13.99

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