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slimming anti chafing bands
slimming anti chafing bands
slimming anti chafing bands
slimming anti chafing bands

    Slimming Anti-Chafing Bands

    $17.99 $35.99

      Hot, sticky summer days mean chafing on your inner thighs (also known as the dreaded, “chub rubâ€?. There's nothing worse than enjoying a leisurely walk only to feel that stabbing burn on your inner thighs. Rubbing your thighs together like that is like trying to start a fire!

      These easy-to-wear, elastic thigh bands help to eliminate rubbing and chafing in your thigh area so you can say goodbye to messy creams & powders. These essential Slimming Anti-Chafing Bands come in two colors (black and nude) and are made with latex, cotton and silicone to keep them in place.

      Size Chart
      Due to the material, sizes do stretch 2 to 4 inches to insure a comfortable fit.

      Size Width
      Small 18 to 21 Inches
      Medium 21 to 23 Inches
      Large 23 to 25 Inches
      XL 25 to 27 Inches
      XXL 27 to 29 Inches
      XXXL 29 to 31 Inches

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