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solar system space bracelet
solar system space bracelet

    Solar System Space Bracelet

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      "When you really want something, the world conspires to make a dream come true". -Paulo Coelho

      The universe has often been considered a sign that life is full of infinite possibilities as well as being a symbol of open-mindedness and freedom from limitations. The universe sparks our creativity and brings out the artist in us all... even if it's only in our dreams at night...

      Each one of our Solar System Space Bracelets is hand-made by master artisans using hand picked, high quality, natural stones to model the breath taking beauty of the universe. This gorgeous bracelet will have you mesmerized and bring out your inner dreamer. Every stone is unique which gives the bracelet a realistic vibe and each stone symbolizes a different feature in our vast universe:
      • Universe: Blue Sandstone
      • Black Hole: Obsidian
      • Mercury: Deep Sea Scallop
      • Venus: Gold Metal Alloy
      • Moon: Opal
      • Earth: King Turquoise
      • Mars: Red Agate
      • Jupiter: Tiger Eye
      • Saturn: Whitelip Shell
      • Uranus: Blue Cat Eye Stone
      • Neptune: Lapis Lazuli
      Always remember that just like the universe, life offers a limitless well of opportunities for you!

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