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Spring Pipe Dredging Bendable Hook Clip Tool

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 And finally, it¡¯s here!The answer to all our drain blockage hassles ¨C the Spring Pipe Dredging Tool. Got a blocked sink drain or floor drain? No worries, insert this tool in the drain, gently push down the presser, release it and retract the tool to see the captured hair, leaves, and food particles that were blocking your drain.There's so much to like about this tool ¨C the flexibility, the effectiveness, the user-friendliness, and the durability. It¡¯s almost impossible to keep your homes away from this. Well, it is if you like that stinky smell of stagnant water in your bathroom due to a blocked drain!What you¡¯ll get:Highly functional gripper design: The effectiveness of the spring pipe dredging bendable hook clip lies in the gripper design that gets hold of all the blockage material like hair, rotten vegetables or plastic remains. Pushing down the PP presser extends the iron gripper from the bottom of the wire which catches the material blocking the drain. Push the presser again after taking out the pipe to let go of the collected debris.Ability to get in every drain: The dredging tool is 24.4 inches in length and has a hole diameter of 10mm which means that it can access any blocked drain no matter how lean it is. Some sediments are accumulated way below the drain but the long length of the tool will be able to access and remove it successfully. Simply insert the tool in the drain and don¡¯t push down the presser until you feel some resistance. The resistance indicates the blockage. Once you get that, push down the presser and release it. Then, pull out the tool to see the collected debris.Easy-to-bend wire: The Stainless Steel wire is bendable and thus can snake through any type of pipe no matter how crooked or angled it is.Stainless steel grinding to ensure durability: The wire of the spring pipe dredging tool is wounded by Stainless steel loops that make it long-lasting. Use it for unclogging drains of the kitchen sink, washbasin, toilet or floor. 
  • Material: Iron, Stainless Steel, PP
  • Bendable 24.4 inch pipe to access the drain
  • Gripper design that hooks the blocking debris
  • 10mm hole diameter to access any type of drain
  • Catches hair, leaves, vegetables more effectively


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Spring Pipe Dredging Bendable Hook Clip Tool
Type1 - $15.99
  • Type1 - $15.99

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