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19-Hole Ravioli Maker Mold Tray

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Have you ever competed in a competition to make the fastest ravioli? If you haven't already done it, now is the time to sign up and get your hands on this time-saving ravioli maker tray that will allow you to whip up stuffed pillows of delight in no time.Making delicious homemade ravioli was never a pleasurable or simple task previously. This ravioli press tray generates perfect-shaped dumplings regardless of whether you choose savory or sweet, vegan or meaty fillings.Thanks to this plastic mold tray, you'll never be ashamed in front of your guests for making irregular and uneven-shaped ravioli. If you're tired of your dumplings popping open as soon as they enter the boiler, give this mold a try. It flawlessly closes and slices the pockets for you.What you'll get:Even shaped and sized ravioli: The days of making ravioli with your hands are long gone. This mold tray is your secret weapon for consistently proportioned, soft, and tasty pockets. Regular size dumplings will make your serving platters look more attractive.?Makes ravioli in a breeze: When you can make 19 of these at once, there's no need to spend hours in the kitchen making this pastry delicacy one at a time. Your quick snack breaks are sorted out with this tray. You only have to follow the recipe to make the filling and then let this tray do the magic.?User-friendly operation: This ravioli press tray requires no rocket science to use. Bring your children into the kitchen and show them how to do things. They'll be cooking dumplings for themselves in no time. It is safe to use because it lacks sharp edges that could cause injury to the user.Balanced mold: The mold's robust and well-spaced feet perfectly support the tray and effortlessly withstand the rolling pin's pressure.?How to use ravioli maker tray:Knead the dough to make two ravioli skins.Put the first skin on the plastic press mold.?Add your stuffing into the pockets one by one.Now, put the second skin on the filling and form with a roller.Remove the excess skin from the sides.?Give the tray some pats and the prepared dumplings will fall out.
  • Material: Plastic
  • 19 ravioli holes
  • Strong and sturdy feet keep the tray balanced
  • Same sized and shaped pockets
  • Efficient press mold for fast preparation


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19-Hole Ravioli Maker Mold Tray
Type1 - $15.99
  • Type1 - $15.99

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