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2-in-1 Spice & Sea Salt Grinder Bottle

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The key to a beef steak¡¯s heavenly taste is seasoning.Don¡¯t you want to season your protein-rich steak just like professional chefs?Of course you do. How can someone resist juicy steaks with the perfect seasoning of spices on it. Curious?Get a look at this 2-in-1 spice and salt grinder.It grinds spices and salt in finely or roughly chopped grains as per your liking. You won't have to buy separate grinders for pepper or salt when you have this handy gadget in your kitchen cabinet. With no human contact to the contents inside the grinder bottle, make your dish completely hygienic.Add pepper and salt to make your morning eggs appealing, the colorful bowl of salad more mouth-watering and the regular steak juicier.What you'll get:2-in-1 grinder: This sea salt grinder has separate portions for 2 different spices. Add salt in one and pepper in the other one. The acrylic walls ensure that the spices do not contaminate each other.Adjustable grounding size: Do you prefer your spices to be ground coarsely or finely? This grinder has you covered. Both the top and bottom lids can be removed to vary the coarseness of the salt and pepper grind.Multiple uses: Think of spices that need crushing; cloves, paprika, peppers, sea salt, oregano or rosemary. This grinder bottle is suitable for all of these - no need to buy separate grinders for every spice.Ease of use: This grinder is convenient to use. All you need to do is rotate it counterclockwise or clockwise to get ground spices for your meals. You don't have to apply extra force while using it. It makes the chore effortless and be done in a flash.
  • Stainless Steel + acrylic + ceramic core
  • 2-in-1 spice grinder
  • Adjustable grinding size
  • Dispenses spice with ease and speed


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2-in-1 Spice & Sea Salt Grinder Bottle
Type1 - $25.99
  • Type1 - $25.99

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