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3D Portable Universal Screen Amplifier

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Thanks to the popularity and ever-expanding increases in smartphone usage, about half of U.S. mobile phone owners use their devices to watch videos on a daily basis.?This 3D portable universal screen amplifier is your best bet if you belong to this half of the population and are looking for a gadget to improve your smartphone watch time experience.It¡¯s time to get rid of your phone's boring and typical 2D display for watching Netflix. Use this screen amplifier to bring characters to life on screen and make movies and TV shows more engaging.What you'll get:High-definition 3D display: View your smartphone screen in a crystal clear, high-definition environment that will undoubtedly improve your screen experience.Magnified display puts less stress on the eyes: Watching videos on a smartphone can be stressful on the eyes, especially for the elderly. This universal screen amplifier is designed to keep you from squinting. It alleviates the discomfort and visual fatigue that comes with staring at a small screen for an extended amount of time.High portability: Are you planning a long-awaited weekend road trip with your family and want your kids to watch cartoons on the way? This small, portable screen amplifier is your best friend in such situations. It's portable (8 inches approx.), so your kids can use it when they're out and about.One size fits all smartphones: Specially designed for universal usage, this is ideal for holding any phone size in it. No need to buy separate screen amplifiers for your spouse or kids' phone because it is universally compatible and can fit all smartphones in it. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone or an Android, it will amplify any smartphone screen you place in it.
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 8 inches approx.
  • 3D High-definition display
  • Zoomed and magnified display
  • One universal size to fit all kinds of smartphones


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3D Portable Universal Screen Amplifier
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