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acupressure magnetic reflex insoles for back foot pain
acupressure magnetic reflex insoles for back foot pain
acupressure magnetic reflex insoles for back foot pain

    Acupressure Magnetic Reflex Insoles For Back & Foot Pain

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      These amazing acupressure magnetic insoles are incorporated with acupressure points which alleviate foot pains, arthritis and back pains, triggers reflex points for weight loss and improves blood circulation. Welcome a good foot health with these insoles. Simply place them in your shoes and give about 2 weeks to feel the real magic. Wear them to your work and at home. It is perfect for people with standing and sitting jobs like cashiers, guards and inspection officers.


      • A cheap solution for a massage: Time and money, both are spent when visiting doctors who practice massage to stimulate reflexes. These insoles trigger those points.
      • Seven raised nodes: These are strategically placed magnets to stimulate reflexology which take away pains, treat mild to moderate foot discomfort and rejuvenate your entire body.
      • Also effective for: improving blood circulation, reducing muscular and joint pains.
      • Breathable design: The magnetic reflex insoles feature an astounding number of 250 holes that enable your feet to breathe and eliminate bad odors resulting from sweating.
      • Shoes to wear with: high heels, boots, sneakers, joggers, pumps.

      How to use:

      Remove the existing insoles of your shoes and insert the acupressure insoles in place of them. Cut the edges according to the shoe size. Place the gel side down and start the insertion from the heel part.

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