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Anti Spill Silicone Funnel For Kitchen Pots & Pans

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Do you go through the struggle of cleaning your countertop after pouring the freshly-made, steaming soup from the pot into the serving bowl?What if there was no mess to clean afterward?No towel,no tissue,no cleaning cloth required.THIS ANTI SPILL SILICONE FUNNEL IS ALL YOU NEED FOR THAT!It's simple to attach to any round cooking pot, and it'll eliminate spills and ensure that all of your wonderful soup makes it to the serving bowl.Flexible, environmental-friendly and space-saving, it¡¯s everything that you would want to see in a kitchen gadget.What you¡¯ll get: Practical design that fits most pots: This anti spill funnel attaches snuggly to most round pots, bowls and pans and allows for easy, no-spill pouring. Be it soups, oil, sauces or water, you won¡¯t have to worry much.Clean countertops: No need to wipe off the spilled liquid from your tables and countertops now. Reduce your cleaning time by bringing this pot spout home.Multi-purpose & easy-to-use: Tighten the funnel on the brim of the round kitchen pot by holding it from both sides. It can also be used to pour radiator liquid and coolant liquid into the engines or electrical units.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Flexible & environmental-friendly
  • Can fit a majority of round cooking pots, bowls & pans
  • No spilled liquid on countertops, tabletops now
  • Great for transferring soup, broth, oil, water
  • Easy to install & remove


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Anti Spill Silicone Funnel For Kitchen Pots & Pans
Type1 - $13.99
  • Type1 - $13.99

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