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Antique Oil Diffuser Necklace

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People have gone wild for Aromatherapy recently and everyday that love continues to grow! From Essential Oils to Young Living Oils and Do Terra Oils, these wonderful, uplifting fragrances have become just another part of our daily routines. Now, these beautiful, antique-inspired necklaces will allow you to enjoy these oils anytime or anywhere! Our necklaces are stylish as well as functional. They are a daily necessity for the devoted oil lover. Choose from a wide variety of beautiful styles! These necklaces also make the perfect gift for friends or family.

Each Stunning Diffuser Necklace includes a matching 31in. long chain which can be shortened with minimal jewelry or craft skills. Each necklace comes complete with five pads, the color of which will be chosen at random. These felt pads can be used repeatedly and only require 1-2 drops of oil to enjoy the aromatic therapeutic effects throughout the day.

It is recommended that these necklaces not be worn to sleep in, or while showering, swimming, or exercising.


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Antique Oil Diffuser Necklace
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