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Bamboo Salad Serving & Mixing Hands

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Salads are considered diet meals and appear to be monotonous.Nothing you'll hear is more false and deceptive than this assertion.Salads can be made into the tastiest meal of the day with a little imagination.To make them fascinating, healthful, and appealing to the eyes, add colors and make each nutritional component a part of the bowl.Salads can only make you dislike them if they are dry or overly soggy.Looking for a means to go around this?It's hardly rocket science; simply get your hands on some bamboo salad hands and get to work. With these salad forks, you can perfectly mix your vegetables, fruits, and proteins.These are less fumbling to use than the traditional wooden salad tongs, and so, these become the ideal choice for serving your guests salads.What you'll get:Excellent addition to your serveware: The bamboo wooden design gives it a chic appearance making it a unique addition to any dining table. Your guests are sure to be impressed with your choice of kitchen tools.Ease of serving: The big salad handles are good enough to prevent the salad from dropping while serving your guests' plates. They also rest on the edges of the bowl without falling.Multiple uses: If you thought this is only for salads, then you are limiting your creativity. Open the horizons of your cooking skills, and you'll see that these can be used for pasta and noodles serving and mixing.Environment and health-friendly: Made with the most renewable source, bamboo, it is extremely environment-friendly as compared to using wood or plastic. It has no toxic effects on your health and is extremely safe.
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Fall-free serving
  • Rest on bowl edges when not using
  • Ideal for salads, pasta, noodles mixing
  • Useful for parties and gatherings


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Bamboo Salad Serving & Mixing Hands
Type1 - $15.99
  • Type1 - $15.99

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