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Bottle Ice Cube Tray

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Going for a run? Did you keep your chilled water bottle with you? No.You forgot to put it in the freezer, and the warm water is not worth taking along. It surely is a mood killer.You certainly cannot take a glass of water with you.Enter -  the bottle ice cube tray. Wondering what's that?It's the answer to your hot water bottle's problem because regular ice cubes won't fit in the bottle. Whereas these ice sticks fit in any of your narrow-mouthed bottles easily.Quench your thirst after a good run in the blazing sun by chilling the water bottle using the ice sticks. It will be your closest friend for the rest of the summerWhat you'll get:No need to rush for the fridge repeatedly: Your friends have gathered at your home to watch Portugal take on Croatia in the Euro Cup. You, on the other hand, are continually racing to the refrigerator to serve them fresh, icy drinks. This isn't the best host conduct. Place these ice sticks in their beer bottles so that you may watch the game while sipping your favorite beverage with them.Solution to warm water bottles: Use these sticks to chill your bottle contents in seconds. Either it is your beer bottle, milkshake, fruit juice or any other liquid, these ice sticks can easily be used to cool your drinks without having to pour them in a glass.Convenient to use: Unlike the plastic ice trays, this silicone build tray is convenient to use. A simple push is enough to bring the ice sticks out. There's no need to squish the tray or hammer it with a large object. Even small children and elderly people can easily remove ice from these.Make flavored ice: There are no restrictions to which liquid you can turn into ice using these silicone trays. Use your imagination and be creative. Lemonade, fizzy drinks, fresh fruit juices all can be turned into ice with this bottle ice cube tray.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Makes 10 ice sticks
  • Chill liquids in a bottle in seconds
  • Requires less storage space


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Bottle Ice Cube Tray
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