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Ceramic Ginger Grater

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With your kids reaching kitchen workstation height, you gotta try to minimize the use of sharp-bladed tools in the kitchen to make it more children-friendly.Knives, sharp cutters, graters all need to be put in locked cabinets for sure. But, there is one better way of limiting a child's access to unsafe kitchen equipment.How?By replacing them with more friendly materials like ceramic and plastic.Start your journey to a safe kitchen environment by getting this ceramic grater. It negates all the unsafe protocols and makes zesting, mincing, shredding or mincing food items safer for everyone.With this grater, you can include your children in kitchen chores to make them feel more involved and instill in them a habit of helping others.What you'll get:Get rid of sharp traditional graters: Gone are the days when you used to lift heavy and sharp graters for shredding ginger, carrots or cheese. Instead, use this ceramic grater with no blades, making it safe and convenient to use.No health issues: The ceramic material is non-reactive and will never impact the taste of food. Using this grater would ease your cooking chores without affecting your health in any way.Easy to use: It's simple design makes it able to store the juices and food inside the grater, ensuring that all the important nutrients from the food items are not lost. A simple rubbing of veggies will turn them into shredded pieces that¡¯s ideal for garnishing or adding to the recipe.Multiple uses: This ceramic grater is ideal for ginger, roots, cheese and whole spices. The variety of food that it can efficiently grate makes it a must-have kitchen gadget.?
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 11.5cm x 9.5cm approx.
  • Get rid of sharp bladed graters
  • Elegant nordic design


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Ceramic Ginger Grater
Type1 - $15.99
  • Type1 - $15.99

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