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Chicken Egg Cooker For Microwave

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What do you think when you hear the word ¡°protein?¡±Attractive-looking men with lean muscle and six-packs? But it¡¯s as important for the ladies as well.It makes their bones strong, provides shine to their hair, tightens their skin and improves body composition. In fact, protein deficiency can age them quickly. What a big disadvantage!So get proteins now and one of the best ways is through eggs.Prepare boiled eggs within 10 minutes with this microwave-boiled egg cooker. Just pour the water in, put in the eggs, shove it inside the oven and take out freshly prepared boiled eggs after 10 minutes. As easy as ABC.What you¡¯ll get:Handles 4 eggs at one time: You can cook four eggs at one time with the help of this cooker. Fill the bottom tray with water (till the water line), put eggs into their respective egg pods, shut the top cover and place it into the microwave oven.Boils eggs in less time: It will generally take 8-10 minutes to hard boil the eggs and 4-7 minutes to soft boil them (keeping the power of the oven to 400-500W.) Get an instant protein surge within 10 minutes. Make delectable egg sandwiches topped up with tomatoes and meat or slice them up and gulp them in one go.Easy to clean: The chicken egg cooker contains no complicated edges and crevices so the cleaning sponge can reach everywhere. The tray can be separated for easy washing.?
  • Material: PP, Aluminum alloy
  • Rust-resistant
  • Prepares 4 eggs at one time
  • Cooks eggs speedily
  • Easy to wash


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Chicken Egg Cooker For Microwave
Type1 - $15.99
  • Type1 - $15.99

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