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Coccyx Pillow Cushion For Seating

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Do you fascinate the hourglass figure of all the supermodels, actresses, and famous influencers? Do you wonder how all those people you saw on your screen, have that snatched waist with fuller hips?Of course, you do! (We all do. :p)Admiring their prominent features, here you are, looking at yourself in the mirror, thinking of your bad posture, tailbone pain and lean buttocks.You got the right to be healthy and enhance your features to be the best and sexier version of yourself!The dream to improve your posture, enhance your hip muscles, and remove your back pain all at once can become a reality with this orthopedic seat cushion coccyx pillow.Yes, you can work on all of them while sitting! A coccyx pillow is a U or W-shaped pillow designed to reduce the pressure off of the tailbone. It also provides support to your hips while sitting in the car or chair and extends them so you have a good figure.?What you'll get:Comfortable seating: The ergonomic design and high-density core of the wedge pillow for coccyx pain soothes the pressure on the hips, allowing you to work and travel comfortably. This medical cushion is also great during pregnancy.?Stress-free posture: It has a w-shaped curve that can fit your leg easily, keeping them relaxed and unstressed. The cushion pillow has an increased sitting area with a slight gap in the center to support the spine.Beautiful buttocks: This coccyx pillow for car and seat is designed to increase the width of your hips so that you can have sexier, appealing, round and fuller-looking buttocks.Convenient to use anywhere: It is anti-slip on the back, making it suitable for placing in the car, office chair, bed, etc.Easy to wash: It has a zipper design to help clean the seat. Open the zip, remove the cover and gently rinse with clean water.?How to sit on coccyx pillow:Position the pillow as such that the gap side is towards the backrest of the chair. Sit down making sure that the tailbone region lands in the gap area. Don¡¯t use any other pillow or cloth beneath the pillow. Place it directly on the seat.
  • Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available in different colors
  • Supports the spine and hip muscles
  • Anti-slip back
  • Comfortable for sitting
  • Make buttocks fuller
  • Easy to wash


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Coccyx Pillow Cushion For Seating
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