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Colorful Liquid Motion Bubbler Toy

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You went to eat out at a fancy restaurant, devouring the scrumptious taste of the pasta, enjoying the vibe of the place, something caught your eye.Surprisingly, it wasn¡¯t any mouth-watering dish but an hourglass placed at the corner.Watching it changing colors, you were so mesmerized by its acrylic dance that you even forgot the food in front of you.Food enthusiasts have said it right: expensive hotels don¡¯t charge for the meal but the ambiance.Do you wish to get the same vibe at home? Of course, you do! Don¡¯t worry. We have got something amazing for you.Our liquid motion bubbler toy is filled with flowing fluid and colorful oil droplets that create a relaxing natural motion one can watch all day.What you¡¯ll get:Calm your crying child: The colorful dancing motion of oil droplets in the liquid casts an appealing effect on kids, children, and young adults. It can make their sad mood brighter in an instance.Soothing toy for sensory play: The rhythmic motion may divert the attention of your autistic baby, making him focused on the beautiful colors in the hourglass.A relaxing break to your eyes: Keep this large liquid motion bubbler at your office table to give your eyes a comforting break during your tiring day.
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Fascinating two-color oil drop
  • Beautify your home space
  • A cool hourglass decoration piece
  • An eye-pleasing break from tiring office work


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Colorful Liquid Motion Bubbler Toy
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