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Copper Wishbone Charm Necklace With Stainless Steel Chain

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We all know what a wishbone is. Two people make a wish and pull the wishbone from each side. The person who receives the bigger part is believed to have granted his/her wish.This cute wishbone necklace symbolizes the same concept, except it can¡¯t be broken which means, what?That each of your wishes will be granted, Yayyy!?It is the embodiment of hope and good luck. Wear it and prevent the cold gales of misfortune, disruptions and adversity from reaching you.What you¡¯ll get:Integration of strength and beauty: The wishbone pendant is made of copper which is sanded and polished exquisitely, whereas the link chain is constructed with Stainless Steel which is rust-resistant and damage-proof.Lucky charm that remains with you all the time: Although many of us play the wishbone game with turkey bones during the holidays but it shouldn¡¯t just be limited to that. Wear this necklace as a lucky charm and move around with confidence.How to enhance the life of the wishbone necklace:Store in a dark, cold, dry place (drawer, cabinet, jewelry box).Avoid contact with perfumes and cleaning products. The chemicals in them will harm the surface.Avoid the rubbing of the necklace with other jewelry items. Place it discreetly.
  • Pendant: Copper
  • Chain: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Chain length: 36 + 7 cm approx.
  • Symbol of good luck and hope
  • Can be given as a gift too


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Copper Wishbone Charm Necklace With Stainless Steel Chain
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