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Corn On The Cob Holders

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How do you like your corn?Separated from the cob? But that requires time and effort. You need to remove them using a corn peeler or a knife. Tiresome, we get it. Then, what to do?Glad you asked.Eat the corn on the cob, grilled.You would love it; the glazed corn provides your deliberate taste buds a smoky flavor that is too hard to resist. Sprinkle over some spices and you are in for a great treat.But wait, how would you hold the hot corn? Wouldn¡¯t it burn your hands? No, it wouldn¡¯t because you will have these Stainless Steel corn holders poked into it from both sides. These are small forks that easily get into the butt and head of the corn and make up the perfect handles.Eat corn straight from the griller machine without hurting your hands.What you¡¯ll get:Clean & comfortable eating: Holding spice-covered corn makes your hands dirty especially those of the children. Holding the cobs with these unique holders will ensure that you and your kids don¡¯t spoil their clean clothes. Perfect for tailgating parties, barbeques, camping and picnics. How happy will your guests be when they receive fresh, hot, grilled corns with these holders on the sides!Eat the corn easily: It allows you to maneuver the cob any way you want. Some people like eating from the top; others crave the bottom first. You can move around the cob freely in your hand.Handles buttered corn smartly: You would have gone through this toil. The buttered-up corn feels great to the taste buds but it keeps slipping off your hands. Not anymore with these corn holders. The non-slip PP handles will ensure that the butter stays on the cob rather than being transferred to your hands. 
  • Material: Stainless Steel + PP
  • Holds cob from both sides
  • Ensures clean & comfortable eating
  • Doesn’t burn your hands while eating grilled corns
  • 1 pack includes 10 holders
  • Use for sausages, meat, hot dogs as well


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Corn On The Cob Holders
Type1 - $11.99
  • Type1 - $11.99

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