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Creative Quilting Cutting Template Set For Cloths

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What do you do when you need tablecloths and quilts in multiple colors and designs?You buy the cloth from the market sometimes. But many times you don¡¯t because¡­Either it¡¯s too expensive to buy.Or you don¡¯t have enough space in your room.Here, comes our Creative Quilting Cloth Cutting Template Set.It¡¯ll fulfill your desire of having a bunch of colors and designs in a single fabric.To assist you in cutting the cloth without slippage and unexpected cut, these creative grid templates are well balanced and shaped correctly.What you¡¯ll get:Get your fabric in your desired style: Whether you love to mold your quilt/fabric in different designs or varied colors, this exquisite Acrylic quilt template set is here to fully assist you. Choose the template of your choice and cut your fabric by following the template¡¯s design. Stitch carefully to prettily get the quilt in your favorite styles.Cut your preferred design fast: To keep the fabric free from slipping, our template set is properly balanced. These quilting cutting cloth templates also fully support you to cut the fabric accurately since they¡¯re strategically shaped.Unique variations of templates:  This quilting cutting template set comes in 3, 4 and 5 pieces set. Get which one you like the most and totally meet your specifications.* Prune the tips of cut fabric once you cut it according to your desired shape. It¡¯ll get you to sew the cloth feasibly and bring neatness in the stitched fabric.
  • Material: Acrylic
  • 3 pc/ 4pc / 5pc set
  • Cuts patches of your choice in minutes
  • Holds the fabric in place while cutting
  • Sew the cut patches easily after use


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Creative Quilting Cutting Template Set For Cloths
3 Pcs - $21.99
  • 3 Pcs - $21.99
  • 4 Pcs - $21.99
  • 5 Pcs - $21.99

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