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Cute Clear Cat Backpack Carrier

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Cats can be great travel companions. But only if you have prepared them enough for the commute. And, yes, that includes your daily walks, weekly vet visits, monthly hiking plans, or yearly camping trips.Basically, everything that involves you going out with your kitty cat! Even the short outdoor session is enough to make them anxious, scared and stressed.Oh, how the tables can turn with our clear cat backpack carrier. The transparent shield will let her see the beautiful view. The 9 ventilation holes will let it breathe freely. The net window door on the side will keep her anxiety away. The comfortable pile cushion will make the travel journey cozy.What more do you need from a clear cat carrier?What you¡¯ll get:Pet carrier: Our backpack is suitable for puppies, cats, rabbits, parrots, or any of your other animal pet companions.Unique design: The space capsule-like pattern is perfect for a kitten who loves to view beautiful scenery but is afraid to go out. Next time you see her sitting by the window gazing outside, take her on a stroll using this cat backpack with window.Perfect for hiking: If you are a person who likes camping, hiking, or traveling but can¡¯t stay away from your kitty cat, this clear pet backpack can be of great help. The two strands let you wear it on the shoulder as you would normally wear a standard bag. So, it won¡¯t be a hassle while you enjoy your journey.Snack storage: Our cat window backpack has a small pocket on the side to carry snacks or mini treats along. So, even if your kitty feels anxious, you can take out the food to divert her attention.Spacious: The inside of the bag is large enough to fit a weak or fat cat. You can also use it for your cute little puppy.
  • Material: PVC + Oxford fabric
  • Cozy bag
  • Ventilation holes
  • Breathable fabric
  • Cat carrier backpack
  • Travel safely with your feline
  • Dimensions: 31 x 42 cm approx.


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Cute Clear Cat Backpack Carrier
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