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Cute & Fun Green Cactus Pen
Cute & Fun Green Cactus Pen
Cute & Fun Green Cactus Pen
Cute & Fun Green Cactus Pen

    Cute & Fun Green Cactus Pen

    $11.99 $23.99
      Have you ever thought of writing with a cactus? It seems quite impossible to touch it with all those prickly thorns, let alone write with it. Sounds bizarre, right? Well, it¡¯s not.Yep, not at least with our creative cactus pen. Don¡¯t worry. It won¡¯t spike your fingers. In fact, it is more like a succulent pen with blue ink. Ah, what a way to stay close to nature while sitting in a closed classroom or office building.If nothing, the cactus pens can urge you to do work because, let¡¯s be honest, where you¡¯ll find someone writing with a literal cactus? :pWhat you¡¯ll get:Cool pen: This cactus pencil plant accessory is going to be the favorite of every student, employee, or person who needs to jot down study notes or work points.Unique accessory for office and home: Let the green cactus pen stand tall on your office desk or home study table for realistic nature vibes.Cute gifts for kids: School-going kids love to collect cool, cute, and unique stationery to add to their pencil cases. It is the only motivation and attraction for them that pushes them to study and go to school. So, give them this best pen for note-taking and to add to their one-of-a-kind pen collection. :p
      • Material: Plastic
      • Blue ink
      • Cactus pen pot
      • Cool office/study table accessory
      • Cartoonish cactus ballpoint pen
      • Perfect gift for coworkers and students

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