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Dog Pacifier Chew Toy
Dog Pacifier Chew Toy
Dog Pacifier Chew Toy
Dog Pacifier Chew Toy

    Dog Pacifier Chew Toy

    $15.99 $31.99
      Dogs are adorable goofballs that like to run around the house, knocking out several things in the process.But is that enough to satisfy the aloof nature of your cute munchkin? Nay Nay!We see you smiling and shaking your head, thinking all the 'oh no no moments' when you caught your puppy with stuff in its mouth.And, if you happen to have babies in your house, then oh my, you must have the trickiest duo to handle because they both like to put everything in their mouths.What do we suggest? Get a pacifier for them both.Yes, you read it right. Your pet companion needs a dog pacifier chew toy too. You may ask why?Simple, to avoid getting your baby's pacifier in their stomach!What you'll get:2-in-1 dog teeth cleaning and chew toy: It is made of high-quality TPR and has small rubber spikes all over the pacifier that can increase the teeth chewing strength from an early age. The rubber points also clean their teeth from all the gums and dirt, thus maintaining the dog's oral hygiene.Perfect puppy teether toy: Puppies like to put anything and everything in their mouth to minimize the pain and discomfort they experience in the teething process. So, get them a safe dog pacifier teething toy that can soothe their irritability.Exercise bite strength: It will promote healthy and positive chewing so that your pooch can enjoy all the treats you give him later in life. The rubber toy is ideal for pet parents looking to give something comfortable and safe for chewing to their lovely companions.No squeaky sound: What makes this dog pacifier the best for every pet owner is that it doesn't make high squeaky sounds on chewing. Instead, the bell sound is subtle, which won't disturb you.Size: 4 x 9.5 cm approx.
      • Material: TPR
      • Puppy teething toy
      • Maintains dog's oral hygiene
      • No squeaky sound
      • Available in different colors and sizes
      • Promotes healthy chewing exercise

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