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Eco-friendly Coffee Maker Cleaning Tablet

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Brew The Perfect Cup Of Coffee Every Time!
Has your espresso machine been underperforming lately?
Does your machine or the resulting cup of coffee have an acrid smell or bitter taste?

Many throw their machines away or send it off for costly repairs when the actual fact is that it may just need a really good clean. Limescale can clog up your machine and cause serious damage. Not to mention it can affect the taste of your coffee. No matter what your water is even if you use bottled one, it is a good idea to descale your coffee machine on a regular basis.

~Clean & Descale Coffee Maker Without A Fuss!

~Food-Grade Concentrated Citric Formula.

~Uses natural high-quality raw materials.

~The test proves it to be orally toxic-free and safe to people.

~ Eco-friendly Coffee maker cleaning tablet.

~Biodegradable and non-pollution for the environment.
Descale ANYcoffee machine without dismantling!
A quality product is suitable for all coffee machines. Automate Drip Coffee Makers Manual press coffee maker Cold-brew coffee machines Stove machines Espresso machines Perfect for Kettle & Pots too! 3x more effective and quickly removes limescale.\ Ideal to restore the optimal hygienic conditions of the coffee machine. Easily Descale Limescale Buildup Sitting Deep In! For regular cleaning Dissolve One Tablet In Warm Water. Pour In & Give It A Brew! Watch as Years Of Limescale Buildup Cleaned Instantly! After descaling, refill your coffee maker and prepare your favorite brew. Better tasting by removing the oily build inside the machine. Get the ultimate cleaning experience with precision.
Never let old coffee stains taint your new cuppa!

*Ingredient: Citric Acid
*Color: White
*Weight: 2g/pc
*PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 x Box CaffèSommelier Descaler Tablets contain 20pcs. "


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Eco-friendly Coffee Maker Cleaning Tablet

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