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External Multi USB Hub 3.0 Ports
External Multi USB Hub 3.0 Ports
External Multi USB Hub 3.0 Ports
External Multi USB Hub 3.0 Ports
External Multi USB Hub 3.0 Ports

    External Multi USB Hub 3.0 Ports

    $15.99 $31.99
      Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives. Our lifestyles have been continually changing due to the pouring advancements in them.Gone are the days when data transfer speeds were measured in bytes and megabytes, and serial pin mouse and keyboard connectors were in use.Who wants to go back to the days when data transmission was limited to 480 Mbps when there are 3.0 ports everywhere around you with a maximum transfer rate of 5 Gbps?That G for Giga bites!Get yourself this multi USB hub that offers 4 simultaneous USB port connections and an excellent data transferring rate. Your media file, audio, graphics, and videos sharing will be done in less than one-third of the time it took previously.What you'll get:Attractive design: This USB hub has independent LEDs and buttons installed for every port, giving it a beautiful body that is sure to elevate your office table.High compatibility: It is compatible with Linux, MAC IOS and Linux Operating Systems, making it an all-rounder and highly useful for people who prefer working on multiple systems.Superfast transfer speed: Are you a photographer who covers wedding shoots and has to deliver heavy data to clients, or if you are someone who deals with bulk data transfers daily, this should be your go-to product. The 3.0 ports offer high transfer speed making it the best choice of USB port hub.Multiple uses: Keyboards, mouse, headsets, and other computer-related devices are now coming with USB cables. This multi USB hub is extremely useful for connecting them when your PC doesn't have more than one or two ports to connect extra devices.  
      • Interface type: USB 3.0
      • Compatible with Windows, Linux, MAC
      • Superfast data transfer
      • Switch & LED lights for every port
      • Cable length: 52 cm

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