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Face Mask Neck Strap

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Do you have to pull down your mask every time you have to gobble a piece of chocolate during your work shift?Or to speak loudly enough in front of the staff during a work meeting?Or talking to your mother on the phone?Skip pulling your masks down or putting them in the dust with this smart mask neck strap. It keeps your face mask right under your nose, so you can use it again whenever you want.?What you¡¯ll get:Relief from pulling down the mask: It¡¯s neither visually appealing nor comfortable to keep your mask pulled down on your face. Escape that with this product. You can keep the mask hung down on your neck now. It is perfect during grocery shopping, eating or socially distanced conversation with your neighbor.Protection of mask from dirt: You generally keep the mask on your working desk, bed or in your pocket when not wearing it. All these places contain dirt/dust already which enters the mask¡¯s fabrics and reduces its efficiency. These mask neck holders keep your masks clean and hygienic for a longer time.No forgetting masks: Attach these straps and you will never forget your mask. No need to rush back to the house because you forgot to bring the face mask.Adjustable buckle makes it fit-for-all: These mask straps to hang around your neck contain an adjustable buckle that controls the spread of the loop. Alter it according to your needs.Universal application: It works with all types of reusable and disposable masks. Simply clip the hooks to the elastic bands of the mask and use it just like a glasses retainer.?
  • Keeps masks around your neck when not in use
  • Protects the face masks from dust
  • No need to pull down the mask countless times now
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Fits all disposable & reusable masks


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Face Mask Neck Strap
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