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fetch it manual dog ball launcher thrower
fetch it manual dog ball launcher thrower
fetch it manual dog ball launcher thrower
fetch it manual dog ball launcher thrower

    Fetch It Manual Dog Ball Launcher & Thrower

    $22.99 $45.99

      Do you get muscle cramps after playing fetch with your dog? If yes, this manual dog ball launcher is for you that can make dog exercises real fun. Make less effort and throw farther with this amazing dog ball launcher that does not need any battery or extra care. Get it now and ease your playtime with your dog.

      What you will get:

      • Manual: Unlike automatic machines, this simple tennis ball launcher is easy to use and requires no care at all.
      • Throws Farther: It makes you throw the ball 2-3 times farther than you could with your bare hands, that too with lesser effort.
      • Ergonomic design: Its curved shape makes it easier for you to throw the ball much farther than usual. Also, the ball-cup is designed so that you can easily pick the ball in a single attempt without needing to use your other hand.
      • Made of Strong Non-toxic Material: It is made of non-toxic plastic, which does not harm dogs in any way. Also, it is flexible enough to withstand your dog's normal bite even.
      • Best for Dog Exercise: Most dogs, like Schnoodles, need daily exercise, like ball fetching, to stay active and maintain a good temperament. And nothing can be more helpful than this dog ball launcher without making your hands dirty and bending unnecessarily.

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