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Fitness Gear Balance Pods For Exercise

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Let us tell you a well-known secret that¡¯ll save you a lot of money but the majority doesn¡¯t do it.If you exercise regularly (at least an hour a day), you will develop a body that would need minimum denting in the later part of your life.If not, you would be spending everything you earned on treating health problems like body aches, heart problems, obesity and whatnot. Therefore immerse yourself in exercises that improve your strength, posture, heartbeat, flexibility and balance.Yes¡­ balance! And what better way to improve it than using these balance pods while doing Zumba, Samba and stretching yoga poses. When everyone around you would be struggling to keep affixed to the ground, you would be smiling at them because you would just be so properly stabilized.What you¡¯ll get:Skin-friendly PVC half ball: It is made of soft PVC with hundreds of smooth spikes on it that won¡¯t scratch your hands, feet, or knees.Stimulates acupuncture points: The nodes on the balance pods for exercise are designed to stimulate your acupuncture points so that you get relief from body aches and muscle soreness. Your central nervous system will be activated, which will stimulate your body¡¯s natural healing system. It also massages your body, relaxes muscles and tendons.Provides enhanced balance: It¡¯s difficult to perform balancing yoga poses like formidable face and destroyer of the universe or certain poses performed during Zumba & Samba. But not with these balance pods. They enhance your balance by leaps and bounds. The anti-slip base and the raised nodes work in conjunction to give improved balancing performance.Multi-variable applications: You can place them on the floor, wall or seat to perform different postures. No need to be apprehensive of executing tough postures now. You can have your kids do these poses with the pods as well.
  • Made of non-toxic PVC
  • Targets acupuncture points
  • Improves your balance
  • Lets you perform difficult poses with ease
  • Place on floor, walls or seat


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Fitness Gear Balance Pods For Exercise
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