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Flexible Charging Cable for iPhone & Android

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Whether you want to charge your iPhone and Android or transfer files from your smartphone to your laptop ¨C you need a charging or USB cable.However, a fast-charging adapter might be sluggish for data transferring, and a good USB data wire might be a slow charger. And, no. It's not necessarily the one that came with your phone that has to be the best of them all!Yes, sometimes, even your original wire can make you scream, 'ah, please, charge faster. I need to be somewhere!' Don't you worry. Because we have got the right one for you.Our flexible charging cable for iPhone and Android is an all-rounder when it comes to charging and data transmitting.What you'll get:Convenient: Our USB type-c, micro, and IOS charge up phone charger cables are suitable to connect with laptops, smartphones, power banks, and car charger pots.Save money: You won't have to worry about buying expensive cords often as our anti-fracture, flexible phone charger cables are made of premium material that lasts for a long time.Fast charging: Our bendable iPhone cable and android wire provide quick charging when you can just plug in for a few minutes before heading out again for a meeting.
  • Flexible USB cable
  • Fast charging and data transfer
  • Suitable for traveling and outdoor use
  • Easy connection with smartphones and laptop
  • Save money; skip buying new wires every month
  • Transmission speed: 480MB/s
  • Wire length: 1.5m
  • Voltage: 5A


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Flexible Charging Cable for iPhone & Android
Black/C-Type - $11.99
  • Black/C-Type - $11.99
  • Black/iOS - $11.99
  • Red/C-Type - $11.99
  • Red/iOS - $11.99

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