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Foldable Fishing Hexagon Fishing Net Trap
Foldable Fishing Hexagon Fishing Net Trap

    Foldable Fishing Hexagon Fishing Net Trap

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      You might have used fishing rods. Slowly unwinding the string from the spool. Sitting idle at a rock or ground. And waiting for the fish to catch the bait. And all this for what? One single fish. Get a chance to catch plenty of them now in the same amount of time with this foldable hexagon fishing net trap. Simply unfold it, close the zip, throw it in the water and let it do the magic. The thin mesh makes sure your victims don’t escape once trapped. What you’ll get: Catch more fish in less time: Throw the trap into the water and allow the 8 compartments to catch the fish. The 0.2 x 0.2 cm mesh net makes it almost invisible in the water which ensures that a lot of fish get trapped in it. Easy to store and carry: The other big benefit of this fishing trap is that it is highly portable. Fold the 8 compartments together and store it in your car easily for your fishing trips or beach house adventures. It catches snakes, eels, crabs, lobsters, minnows, shrimp and crayfish.
      • Material: Mesh, Nylon, Steel
      • Contains 8 fish catching compartments
      • Foldable design
      • Each compartment is 60 cm long (approx.)
      • Great for minnows, shrimps, crayfish, crabs, etc.
      • No installation required; just throw the trap in water

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