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Food Grade Silicone Roasting Rack

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One thing you gotta admit is that roasting anything elevates its taste to the seventh sky. Beef, chicken, turkey or veggies, roasting any or all of these is sure to bring a cascading waterfall of flavors in your mouth.But how to do it without spending an hour of your precious time scraping the dishes in detergent water.?To your aid comes this silicone roasting rack.It keeps the food above the surface of the pan to prevent any sticking or burning of the meat or vegetables.Using this roasting rack is the way forward to eating healthy. It lets the grease drain out of the meal so that you can enjoy roasted meat without the soggy bottoms.Make your cooking skills top-notch and expect ¡®noisy praises¡¯ from your loved ones on a weekend or special occasion dinners.What you'll get:Perfect roasted meal: Take your roasting skills on a ride from crappy to snappy by using this silicone roasting rack. Making chicken or turkey pot was never easier. Now you can get a restaurant-like taste at your home without spending a fortune of money.Convenient to use: The heat-resistant silicone material gives it a long-lasting life. It makes handling the rack easier and safer.No more burning or sticking of meal: The silicone tray lifts the meal above the tray, preventing it from getting burnt or stuck at the base of the oven tray. You won't be spending hours scraping the utensils.Healthy eating habits: No more half-cooked meals will be served at your dinner table. Roast your protein-rich meals perfectly with this food-grade silicone tray. It is non-toxic and safe to cook food items on.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 20cm x 13cm approx.
  • Heat resistant tray
  • Avoid burning and sticking of food
  • Perfect for roasting poultry, beef, fish or bacon


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Food Grade Silicone Roasting Rack
Type1 - $15.99
  • Type1 - $15.99

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