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Gel Nail Polish Remover Clips

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Do you love freshly manicured and designed nails? Too bad it won't last forever.Only a few days have passed, but it has already started to chip off, looking all drab. Argh, way to ruin your mood and Saturday date.So, how to remove nail polish? What options do you have?Thinking of peeling it off? You're only going to make it worse.Decided to scratch it with a tool? Your poor nails are going to suffer.Choosing an adhesive for the rescue? Good luck for spending hours trying to get rid of the bold color stains and all that glitter.What can you do then? Get these gel nail polish remover clips that leave no stone unturned to rub off the stubborn color and salon nail art. No cap! You'll feel as if you got them cleaned professionally. They keep the acetone pads on your nails long (and secure) enough so you can easily rub the nail polish off later on.What you'll get:Convenient: This nail art soak off cap is perfect for at-home emergency manicures you do right before your night out or business dinners.Easy to use: With our cap clip set you can remove nail polish from finger or toe nails right then and there. No hard scrubbing is required to take off those red, black, or maroon colors.?Reusable: Our fingernail gel polish remover tip set is suitable to use for a long time as it is more like a clip-on to keep your soaked acetone pad on the nail for effective removal.Ideal for beginners or professionals: Use these as acrylic nail clips or UV gel polish removers to set a clean and plain canvas for your new and fresh nail art design.Money saver: They act more like clips for nail polish remover so, you don¡¯t have to soak the cotton or pads again and again to get rid of the nail color. Literally, spending half a bottle just to wipe your cool nail art.How to use nail polish remover clips?So, how do you use them? Or, specifically, how do these remover clips work? Let us enlighten you!First, file the top coat of your nail color. Then, place the soaked cotton pad on your fingernail, and put the nail polish clamps over it.? Leave the clips on for 10-15 minutes. Finally, remove the clipped caps and wipe the polish with a gentle swipe.?Repeat the process on all your nails at once to save time.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Reusable clip-off set
  • No color stains on nails
  • Wipes dark colors easily
  • Best gift for your fashionista friends
  • Removes nail polish, nail art, gel colors, glitter, etc.
  • No complex instructions & tutorials needed to use
  • 1 package includes 10 gel removal clips


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Gel Nail Polish Remover Clips
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