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Hands Free Reusable Shoe Covers

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These Hands Free Reusable Shoe Covers are extremely easy to use, and the covers can be put on hands-free! Simply lay the covers flat on the ground and step onto them. When pressure is applied, they automatically fasten to your feet, keeping your shoes and the floor clean.

These covers are versatile, but they're most often used by workers who enter homes or offices to do maintenance. In addition, these covers are great for gardening work! Mud and dirt will stick to your shoes and entering your house like that is sure to leave a mess. You’ll end up with dirt marks on the floor and get stuck with the clean-up on top of your garden work.

You can avoid this scenario from happening at all�no need to take your shoes off! Just equip yourself with these one step shoe covers when you go indoors �make it easier for you to finish off your daily or weekly house work, without the worries!

  • Designed to fit and cover your shoes in an instant â€?No need to tie laces, snap hooks or exert any effort of the kind. Simply set the shoe covers on a flat surface, step on them and the covers will wrap themselves around your shoes!
  • Waterproof Featureâ€?strong> Keeps your house floor from getting wet!
  • Anti-slip soles –Â?strong>Grip the floor! You’ll be able to walk, even on smooth flooring such as tiles, wood and more, without accidentally slipping or falling!
  • Available in four different colors â€?Choose one that suits you best!


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Hands Free Reusable Shoe Covers
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