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Healing Carnelian Necklace Jewelry With Wrapped Wire

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Crystal healing is an ancient way to neutralize negative energy, and power stones like carnelian have been popular ever since to bring vitality, positivity, and inner strength to the wearer.Don¡¯t worry. You don¡¯t have to carry the entire crystal wand along. Now, you can get a positive vibe anywhere by wearing the carnelian necklace. Prepared with love and care, the red carnelian is wrapped with a gold wire to give it an exquisite and luxurious look.What you¡¯ll get:Royal design: The carnelian stone pendant has a delicate shine and color with a hexagonal shape. The gold wires wrapped around the crystal looks so fascinating that it feels like a neckpiece straight out of a royal jewelry box.Healing jewelry: This red carnelian necklace meaning revolves around positivity, strength, love, and inspiration. It motivates the wearer to grow and be successful in every aspect of life.Endless benefits: This healing stone resonates with the solar plexus, root, and sacral chakras to promote voice power, confidence, and stability. It might also help with your love life. Gift this carnelian stone necklace to someone who needs a little push and inspiration to survive the hectic life.
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Carnelian crystal necklace
  • Adjustable gold chain
  • Wire wrapped pendant
  • Red hexagonal stone
  • Wear for courage, creativity, strength, motivation


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Healing Carnelian Necklace Jewelry With Wrapped Wire
Type1 - $15.99
  • Type1 - $15.99

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