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      FORGET the things that make you stressed and completely escape into the addicting world of Diamond Painting. Sit in a quiet and comfortable place to enjoy your new favorite hobby.

      FAMILY ACTIVITY:Diamond Painting is an easy and enjoyable activity for young and old alike. Applying diamonds is a simple concept, which is meditative and relaxing providing hours of fun in the creation process.

      ART-THERAPY:Increases the faculty of concentration, helps calm the most active, relieve stress, and helps to relax.

      DECORATION:Once your works are finished, you can frame them (or not) to hang them on a wall in your home to make a magnificent decoration that everyone will find original.

      ORIGINAL GIFT IDEA:For birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, and many other occasions.

      A complete kit is provided to you with this product, everything is included so that you can start now:



      1x High Quality Adhesive Canvaswith the pattern.

      Numbered Diamonds.

      1 x Green Containerthat can accommodate and sort/return the diamonds.

      1 x Plier(to be used to apply the diamonds).

      1 x Stylus(also to be used to apply diamonds).

      1 x Glue Plateto use to grab the diamond with the stylus.




      HOW TO?

      1.Refer to the comparison tale on the canvas to identify each diamond number which corresponds to a printed area on the canvas.

      2.Fill the pen with glu, put the diamonds into the plate.

      3.Use the pen head to stick multiple diamond drills.

      4.Tear apart the partial film and stick the daimond to the canvas accoding to the corresponding number.

      5.Tweezers could easily clip three diamonds stick so fast.

      6.After finished, slightly press down diamonds with hand or book to keep them firmly attached.




        * The larger the canvas size, the better the image detail will be.

        * Choose a larger size (at least 40cm across) to guarantee the best result.

        * For kits with lettering, select at least 80cm.

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