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magic nano rubber pads
magic nano rubber pads
magic nano rubber pads
magic nano rubber pads
magic nano rubber pads
magic nano rubber pads
magic nano rubber pads

    Magic Nano Rubber Pads

    $13.99 $27.99

      Designed to let you stick anything, anywhere, our super sticky and reusable, gel Magic Nano Rubber Pads are the perfect solution for all your fastening needs! Imagine the endless possibilities when you can stick anything, anywhere...

      • Simply place the gel pad on any surface to hold objects firmly and steadily, at any angle. The gel quality is excellent! 
      • Reusable- Rinse away the dust with water to renew stickiness. Magic Nano Rubber Pads can be washed repeatedly and reused over and over again!  
      • High temperature resistance- Won't deform or melt in a hot environment (such as inside a car, under the scorching sun). Hot environments won't affect gel's stickiness.
      • Easily removable from any surface- Gel won't leave any trace or stain.
      • Stick your phone, iPad, remote control, camera, speakers, etc. to any flat surface.
      • Gel sticks to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets, tile and much more! 
      • Strong, durable, malleable and extremely versatile in its uses.

      In addition, by utilizing minimalist design principles we have created an elegant product that will compliment your devices, your style and your home!
      Magic Nano Rubber Pads diameter- 3.2 inches, which makes them ideal for sticking unusual or irregular shapes, as well as hiding keys, organizing cables and sticking Go Pros to skateboards.

      There's more fun just waiting for you to discover it! 

      2 Gel Pads included in each set! 

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