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Manual Sliding Cutter Ruler For Paper

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What's the one thing that every parent wants to avoid? The mess their cute trouble makers tend to make.God knows how many of your papers and documents have 'after-effects' of their innocent activities. Of course, you have tried to hide them, but all in vain. Why not provide them with a personal crafting kit? Give them all the papers in the world to draw lines, cut pieces, or do whatever they want to. (It's fine as long as your important files are safe. :p)And, you don't have to break your bank to do any of that. Get glitter markers, formic sheets, sparkles, and a sliding cutter for paper, and there you have it, your budget-friendly yet perfect kids crafting kit.Don't worry, people. The blades of our blade cutting tool aren't visible, so they won't prick or cut your child's hand.What you'll get:Time-saving crafting tool: This 2 in 1 sliding cutter ruler will let you mark the line and trim the paper simultaneously, thus minimizing your effort.Kids-friendly design: The ergonomic sliding paper cutter doesn't have sharp edges or harmful lines that can be dangerous for your baby. Instead, the slider ensures their hands don't touch the blade directly.No installation required: This wrapping paper slide cutter is like a typical ruler with a clip cutting functionality which makes it easy to use.Cut different sheets: The paper trimmer can be used for plastic wrap, craft paper, wrapping paper, A3 or A4 sheets, formic sheets, etc.How to use a paper sliding cutter?Insert the sheet stack into the space below the transparent ruler and slide it down to cut the paper.
  • Easy to use
  • Manual sliding
  • Ergonomic design
  • Machine tool to cut paper
  • Perfect for crafting ideas
  • Suitable for kids and adults


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Manual Sliding Cutter Ruler For Paper
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