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Melamine Eraser Sponge Foam

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You kids must have made every wall in the house their notebook. Thanks to these, the crawling giants, colorful drawings, irregular lines, and patterns are the real decorations on your house walls.You feel tired of running after your young ones who have got a hold of your marker set somehow and now are finding the right place to show their artistic side.Well, we have the perfect product to give you rest and make things a lot easier for you.Get your hands on these melamine eraser sponges and live a carefree life. These cleaning foams are perfect for cleaning your walls, leather furniture, shoes, silver utensils, tiles, and almost everything.What you¡¯ll get:Easy cleaning: Bid farewell to stubborn stains and start using these melamine eraser sponges. These remove dust and stain with extreme efficiency without any hassle. Rinsing it with water is enough to give your things a quick cleaning.Multipurpose: Think of things that need cleaning in your home, and this cleaning foam will do justice to the chore. Stained taps, dirty mirrors or window panes, dishes, shoes, laptops, leather furniture, floor tiles, etc., your mind will stop thinking of products, but these sponges will never stop cleaning them perfectly.Reusable operation: Rinsing it with water is enough to clean them to be used more than once. This makes them cheap to use and a better choice than other cleaning products.
  • Material: Sponge
  • Package includes 100 pcs
  • Cleaning without using detergent
  • Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, etc.


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Melamine Eraser Sponge Foam
Type1 - $15.99
  • Type1 - $15.99

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