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Mold Press Crispy Taco Shell Maker for Deep Fryer

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Taco Bell is the fourth most popular fast-food restaurant in America (qsrmagazine), demonstrating our common love of tacos.They are being consumed obsessively on breakfast, lunch, and dinner but making them at home is not as easy as it may seem.Many have tried putting the mold in the toaster, oven or air fryer to acquire that precisely curved form. But ended up saying, "Argh, that seemed so easy on the TV!"Well, let us tell you it really is if you use a hard taco shell maker press mold rather than attempting to DIY the tacos in your toaster, oven, or other similar appliance.Or you might have to listen to your kids saying, "It isn't like Taco Bell!"What you'll get:Fun taco Tuesday: Invite your friends, make different styled tacos, and enjoy a memorable and heavenly delicious time together. All thanks to these taco tongs.?Perfectly curved tacos: This is more of a taco shell maker machine that presses the mold to get restaurant-style tacos every time.Safety from hot oil: Its scissor-like long tongs or pliers allow putting the curved taco shell fryer mold into the hot fryer until crispy and crunchy.How to use a hard taco shell maker?Place the potato chip or corn mold into the shell maker clips, slightly squeeze the taco shell mold to press the chips into the perfect curved taco shape.Use the handles to put bent potato chips into the deep fryer. Wait until crunchy.
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Scissor shaped for a good grip
  • Long tongs save from hot oil
  • Make perfect curved tacos every time


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Mold Press Crispy Taco Shell Maker for Deep Fryer
Type1 - $19.99
  • Type1 - $19.99

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